The bros are spoiling us in the new ‘Entourage’ movie main trailer

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We’ve discovered the real meaning of ‘March Madness’.

The bros and back and looking for the nicest calves. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

The bros know that a movie trailer is a terrible thing to waste. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

While some see it as a bunch of guys trying to throw a ball in a basket and achieve everlasting glory, we know better. We understand. We all call it ‘March Madness,’ because it’s so weird to just be in March when it feels so much like Christmas season right now. Christmas season? Yeah. You see, the bros of Entourage released the movie’s main trailer and boy, does this movie look like the gift that keeps on giving. (Nice one.)

Just like last time, let’s dissect the great and the greatness contained in these 148 seconds of glory. Let’s see whose calves are the nicest! #BrosUnite  « Read the rest of this entry »

Barack Obama meets David Simon

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David Simon barely flinched.

He's looking at you, David Simon

He’s looking at you, David Simon. (Photo courtesy of dennis crowley)

As President Barack Obama told him that he was “a huge fan of The Wire,” which he called “one of the greatest pieces of art” of the last few decades, and as he continued with a question on the drug trade, the camera turned to Simon.

Here was the most powerful man in the world complimenting the creator of such a fine piece of art that’s he’s also a huge superfan of. Said creator said nothing and did nothing. He waited for the question.

Because David Simon is above that nonsense. He cares that you love his show only insofar that maybe you learn more about drugs in America and do something about it. « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘South Side Rules’ review: Little touch of bourbon

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“I can’t offer you much. But what I can do is be your chauffeur on the limousine drive to the Pearly Gates.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

This fifth season could never win because it came on the heels of what will be the landmark stretch of Shameless in that fourth season. After Frank proclaimed himself alive to God in ‘Lazarus,’ there was nothing else to do.

And us viewers were spent anyway and couldn’t have stomached much more—a good coincidence, it turns out, for this fifth season had not much to offer early on.

So we sat on the porch, sipping on this flask of vodka, and waited for this wonderful show to recapture some of its magic. Boy, does it ever!

« Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘Carl’s First Sentencing’ review: Death, taxes and Frank Gallagher

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“You have not lived until you’ve heard the bones of your enemy crushed under 3,000 lbs. of Detroit steel.”

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

The world and the lives we live in it are both messy.

We make plans and have dreams, but those are constantly reassessed as the days, weeks, months and years pass by. Maybe one day you want to go to prom with this one guy, he asks you out and you say yes. Then at the prom, that one guy turns out to be a huge a-hole and sleeps with a friend of yours.

Until one day, you’re 32 and you decide that payback is due—breaking a nose never felt so right. « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘Uncle Carl’ review: Run the dog over

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“Because prison is no place for a man with naturally tight glutes.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

Every dog has its day. You’re a wily veteran and know as much, but you also know that every good thing comes in due time.

You can’t try every trick on just anyone, the same way that you can’t precipitate things. It’s better to let the situation dictate your moves on any one caper, especially against a psychopath.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘Tell Me You Fucking Need Me’ review: Escaping a fire

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“Oh, there’s no catch. Just helping the youth of America get a leg up.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

You let yourself believe for a second that maybe, just maybe, this time there will not be a line. No one could blame you—you walked in and saw just a few people standing against the wall. “No more than four or five, surely,” you maybe tell yourself, “this will be quick.”

You just had to wait two hours in another line, so you would need this to be a breeze. But alas, you turn the corner and there’s the line you dreaded.

But in college as in life, Lip, there’s always a line. You just learn to move from the back of one line to another.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘Crazy Love’ review: School starts today?

March 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

“You did okay, Mickey. You know? You tried. That’s a lot more than what most people would do.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

You look out of the window, because the alternative would be to look within and you would rather do just about anything over doing that.

You listen to Lip tell you something and you know he’s right, but that’s an emotion that you can’t really wrap your mind around right now. You think of Ian.

And how he (almost) got away.  « Read the rest of this entry »


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