Shameless, ‘Rites of Passage’ review: There’s no trailer

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Courtesy: Showtime

“It’s not who you bring to the dance. It’s who you leave with.” 

Fiona’s face said it all.

When she greeted that “large tipper” at the end of ‘Rites of Passage’ only to figure who was with her, her jaw just about dropped—only for Showtime to cut to black. Tune in next week, gents. Plenty more to see.

But if Fiona is anything like us viewers, then we know how she reacted. She probably smiled.  « Read the rest of this entry »

My seven favourite things about that ‘Tom Brady NFL Combine’ video

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Tom Brady wasn’t born this way.

He wasn't born this way. (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)

He wasn’t born this way. (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)

We like to think that athletes are people too. That, as the cliché goes, they bleed and get their hearts broken just like us. This week, Brady reminded us just how accurate that cliché is.

Before he had the perfect life with all the fame and all the Super Bowl titles, Brady was invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘A Night To Remem—Wait, What?’ review: Nine days and 12 hours

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“I think I overdid it last night. Celebrated my last day below the poverty line.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

The setting was different, but the moment was essentially the same. Father and son had traded the dad’s wheelchair for the son’s walking aid. The Sterling Old Regal for the cheap wine. The bitterly cold of Lake Michigan for the warmth of a house’s porch.

But the moment was the same. The son, though older, was still mostly clueless about love and the ways of the heart—whereas he first received advice on how to optimally rid himself of a hardened itch, he now listened to his old man teach him the subtlety of the drug trade.

The father, meanwhile, was reflecting on how alive he felt—but it was less boisterous as it was in ‘Lazarus‘ and rather had an air of nostalgia.   « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘The Two Lisas’ review: The invading hipster hordes

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“I want to renew our vows. I want this to be our choice. I want to do it right.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

The world around you is changing and this doesn’t sit well with you. You want to say something, not just in good fun as you’ve been doing, but something that comes from the depths of your soul. You’re tired of gentrification, because it destroys everything you know about the world. It hurts your heart to see your neighbourhood turn to crap. Can’t a good American man not just worry about his Milk of the Gods anymore?

You have to yell, but the only people you find to yell at are your wife and oldest daughter. You complain that the two lesbians are killing your world as you know it… until your world literally blows up.

Welcome to Shameless« Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘I’m The Liver’ review: What’s the Burning Man?

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“Look at that. A new day and I’m still alive. Life is good.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

When you’re young, playing footsies seems like a good idea and your parents are the ones reigning you in. Mostly, it’s for their own benefit—footsies between youngsters can disturb the other (read: adults) who are just trying to live.

Then, you grow up and maybe the words of your parents stay with you. Or maybe it’s just that you know yourself well and you decide that no, you can’t play footsies at a 12-step meeting.

Oh, you say that you’ll think about it, but you know.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Shameless, ‘Milk of the Gods’ review: Genetics Russian roulette

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“I have no control over time anymore. But this, this will live on.” 

Courtesy: Showtime

Courtesy: Showtime

Summer is always like that. The desolation of winter has given way to the hope of spring, which has now actualized into… something. It’s not entirely, or necessarily good or bad, but it’s something. There’s a sort of finality to the season.

When you look ahead to summer, you dream of waking up every morning with the one you love, spooning. But then summer arrives and, though you’re spooning, it’s with Sheila. The one you love-ish. And there’s someone holding on to you!

But at least you’re spooning.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Ten things that I wrote in 2014 that I love

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Today, we finally leave 2014 behind, a sad, tragic and depressing year.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, 2014!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2014!

The kind thing to say about the year 2014 was that it was an odd one. The actual thing to say about it was that it was one where airplanes vanished, football players hit their wives, Ebola had killed thousands before we started caring, and police officers killed black men.

If all of these things have happened before, it seems like 2014 was the first year they did in a way that left us scrambling for answers. These things did not happen to us—but God bless you, if they did—but because we saw it all with our very eyes, it’s as if they did in a very small and infinitesimal way. For better or worse, we saw everything in 2014.

Both tragedy and joy hit A man must have a code directly in 2014, and I found inspiration in both. The silver lining to 2014 is that it was by far the best in the existence of this blog—here are my 10 favourite things I wrote. If said thing is in French, then learn French. « Read the rest of this entry »


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